RV air conditioner

RV Air Conditioner

The R407C compressor, R410A compressor will be banned because of the high GWP. What are the next generation refrigerants of RV air conditioner? Why more and more customers pursue high comfort? What will variable speed compressor brings us?

commercial refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

From 0.75HP~3HP indoor condensing units to 1.5HP~15HP outdoor condensing units, Glen Refrigeration all have the right solution for any demand in the commercial refrigeration market. What are the next generations of refrigerants replace R404A? How to improve the commercial refrigeration cabinet’s efficiency?

Transport refrigeration

Transport Refrigeration

What is an electric standby refrigeration unit? What are the benefits of the electric standby refrigeration units? What’s kind of compressor does use in electric standby refrigeration units? What’s kind of DC compressor suitable for the refrigerated/freezer fan?

Solar air conditioner

Solar Powered Air Conditioner

What is solar powered air conditioner? What‘s the difference between 100% Off Grid & AC-Powered & Hybrid Powered Solar Air Conditioners? Can we run RV air conditioner with solar power?

Horizontal air condition compressor for water source heat pump

Water Source Heat Pump

Are you interested in R410A R32 R290 compressor for water source heat pump? Glen Refrigeration is committed to lead the Water Source Heat Pump Industry with environmental friendly and high efficiency products and innovations.

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