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Focusing on the HVAC-R application more than ten years, we offer R407C, R410A, R32, R290 horizontal air conditioning compressor, small rotary compressor for RV air conditioner, dehumidifier, and water source heat pump and so on. The rich experiences of customized design of air conditioning rotary compressor will make your projects and products more perfect. The horizontal design of the air conditioning compressor is well suitable for rooftop air conditioner. The horizontal twin-cylinder rotary compressor has the advantages of high energy efficiency, low noise, high reliability and high applicability. The R32 and R290 horizontal inverter rotary compressor adopts the dc brushless motor and inverter technology, which is energy saving and environmental friendly, it helps to eliminate start-up current issues when running from generators or if current supply is restricted.

Main Products of Air Conditioning Compressors

Features and benefits

Different Refrigerant

Air conditioner rotary compressor of different refrigerant R32/R410A/R407C meets customer’s different projects need.

Professional Manufacturer

Professional manufacturer of air conditioning compressor & the earliest company focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of horizontal air conditioner compressor.

Low Height

The low height design of the horizontal rotary compressor makes customer’s air conditioning system compact size.

Energy Efficiency

Focusing on the energy efficiency and noise reduction of the aircon compressor.


OEM & customization design. We can design the air conditioning rotary compressor according to customers’ different requirements.

Quick Delivery

Quick delivery. We have the air conditioning compressors in stock to ensure the quick delivery.

Variable Speed Air Conditioner Compressor

Compared with fixed speed air conditioner compressor, the inverter air conditioner compressor makes the RV air conditioner consume less power and can save more energy. At same time, the inverter rotary compressor will make the air conditioner system maintain a stable room temperature, which improves the comfort of the room.


  • 220V DC inverter
  • Different refrigerant, R410A, R32, R290
  • Horizontal structure and low height
  • High reliability and high efficiency
  • Energy saving and Eco friendly

R410A Horizontal Inverter Air Conditioner Compressor

The inverter technology has the significant advantages of improving energy efficiency, providing better comfort and offering quieter operation, so more and more people pursue the RV air conditioner with inverter air conditioner compressor for higher comfort.


  • R410A refrigerant
  • 220V DC inverter
  • Horizontal design and low height
  • High efficiency and high reliability
  • Less power loss and energy saving
  • Cooling capacity 2670W / 3640W / 4230W

R32 Horizontal Inverter Rotary Compressor

The R32 horizontal inverter rotary compressors are new developed for RV air conditioner and water source heat pump as it’s with lower ODP and GWP than other conventional refrigerant. The inverter technology improves the compressor efficiency and save more energy bills, provides more comfortable and offers quieter operation to people.


  • R32 ECO friendly
  • 220V DC inverter
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Low height and compact size
  • Cooling capacity 2800W / 3900W / 4480W

R290 Horizontal Variable Speed AC Compressor

Propane (R290) is an “excellent” and “very promising” refrigerant for air conditioning solutions. The R290 variable speed ac compressor has lots of advantages of 100% eco friendly, high efficiency, energy saving, high reliability.


  • R290 refrigerant, 100% eco friendly
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Horizontal design and low height
  • Twin rotary compressor technology
  • Lower vibration & noise
  • Cooling capacity 2290W and 2650W

Horizontal Air Conditioning Compressor

The horizontal air conditioner compressor is a type of rotary compressor with low height, installed horizontally. The significant difference from the normal home air conditioner is its low height, which can be mounted on roof top or in small crawl space. It is widely used in RV air conditioner; roof mounted air conditioner for home; commercial rooftop dehumidifier; water source heat pump and so on.

  • Refrigerant: R407C, R410A, R32
  • Power supply: 220V~240V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 115V/60HZ
  • Horizontal structure and low height
  • High reliability and high efficiency

R407C Horizontal Air Conditioner Compressor

R407C, horizontal air conditioner compressor is widely used in RV air conditioner, motorhome air conditioner, caravan air conditioner and so on. According to different voltage, it has 220V~240V/50HZ horizontal rotary compressor and 22V/60HZ horizontal rotary compressor.


  • R407C refrigerant
  • High reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Low height
  • Compact size
  • Cooling capacity from 5372 Btu/h to 20264 Btu/h

R410A Horizontal Air Conditioner Compressor

The R410A horizontal rotary compressors are perfect from cooling capacity 5134 Btu/h to 13477Btu/h. They are widely used in RV air conditioner, commercial rooftop dehumidifier, water source heat pump air conditioner and so on. It has different voltages, 220V~240V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 265V/60HZ, 115V/60HZ.


  • R410A refrigerant
  • Different voltages
  • Low height
  • Compact size
  • High reliability
  • Cooling capacity 5134 Btu/h to 13477Btu/h

R32 Horizontal Air Conditioner Compressor

R32 is considered as the next generation refrigerant that has lower environmental impact. We have the R32 horizontal rotary compressor, 220V~240V/50HZ, cooling capacity 2110W and 2550W. They are widely used in RV air conditioner, commercial rooftop dehumidifier, water source heat pump air conditioner and so on.


  • R32 refrigerant eco friendly
  • Power supply 220V~240V/50HZ
  • High reliability and high efficiency
  • Low height and compact size
  • Cooling capacity 7199 Btu/h and 8700 Btu/h

Small Rotary Compressor for Dehumidifier

The small rotary compressor means the rotary compressor with small cooling capacity and small size. We have the small rotary vane compressor with cooling capacity ranging from 938 Btu to 5288 btu. The displacement is from 1.6cc to 11.0cc. They are widely used in small dehumidifier, small air conditioners, clothes dryer, machine cooling system, and small wine cellar cooling system, small chiller box and so on.


  • Different refrigerants, R134A, R410A, R290
  • Different voltages, 220V~240V/50HZ, 208V~230V/60HZ. 115V/60HZ, 100V/50HZ/60HZ, 220V/50HZ/60HZ, 115V/50HZ/60HZ
  • Small size and compact structure
  • High reliability and high
  • Cooling capacity from 938 Btu/h to 5288 btu/h.
R290 small rotary compressor

More Information of the Air Conditioning Compressor……

  • The air conditioning rotary compressor is a hermetic compressor. It is also called rotary vane compressor or rotary piston compressor. It is a HBP compressor.
  • According to different installation, it has horizontal rotary compressor and vertical rotary compressor. 
  • Different refrigerants, R407C compressor, R410A compressor, R134A compressor, R32 ac compressor and R290 compressor are all available. 
  • 220V~240V/50HZ air conditioning compressor, 220V/60HZ air conditioner compressor, 115V/60HZ rotary ac compressor, 265V/60HZ hermetic rotary compressor to meet different customer’s demand. 
  • According to different application, we supply different air conditioner compressor types, rv air conditioner compressor, dehumidifier compressor, window air conditioner compressor, small air conditioning compressor and so on. 
Horizontal compressor for RV air conditioner

Air Conditioning Compressor for RV

Air conditioning compressor for RV means the air conditioner compressor used in RV air conditioner (also called caravan air conditioner). We have R407C, R410A, R32 air conditioning compressors for your selection. Different cooling capacity and different voltage are suitable for different RV rooftop ac units.

  • The most influential supplier of horizontal air conditioner compressor for rv rooftop ac unit.
  • No.1 manufacturer of the horizontal air conditioning compressor in China.
  • Horizontal design of the rotary compressor makes your RV air conditioner low height and compact size.
  • Environmental friendly refrigerant R32 aircon compressor meets different markets need.
  • Special rubber and spring grommets design of the rotary vane compressor make the unit lower noise and vibration.
  • Special oil structure design of horizontal rotary compressor makes the compressor higher reliability.
horizontal compressor for commercial rooftop dehumidifier

Air Conditioning Compressor for Dehumidifier

Air conditioning compressors are widely used in dehumidifiers. From small dehumidifier to whole house dehumidifier, we have different types of air conditioner compressor to meet your needs, especially the horizontal type of aircon compressor makes the rooftop dehumidifier compact size.

  • Different refrigerant R134A, R407C, R410A, R290 dehumidifier compressor to meet customer’s need.
  • The small rotary compressors for small dehumidifier are perfect for the cooling capacity ranging from 938 Btu/h to 5121 Btu/h.
  • The horizontal design of air-cond compressor with low height makes the commercial rooftop dehumidifier more compact.
  • The ac compressor of different voltage 220V~240V/50HZ, 220/60HZ, 115V/60HZ, meets the different markets need.
Horizontal air condition compressor for water source heat pump

Air Conditioning Compressor for WSHP

Air conditioning compressor means the air conditioner compressor used in WHSP system. WSHP system is one type of HVAC systems, with the advantages of high efficiency and environmental-friendly. It has vertical WSHP and horizontal WHSP. We focus on R&D and manufacturing of the horizontal rotary compressor for horizontal WHSP.

  • The earliest manufacturer of horizontal air conditioning compressor in China.
  • R410A and environmental-friendly refrigerant R32 meet different markets need.
  • Specializing design for American market water source heat pump, we have different voltage 220V/60HZ, 115V/60HZ, 265V/60HZ for your selection.
  • The horizontal rotary vane compressor with special rubber and spring grommets make the WSHP system lower noise and vibration.
air conditioner compressor for telecom air conditioner

Air Conditioning Compressor for Telecom

The air conditioner compressor for telecom means the rotary vane compressor used in telecom or battery cabinets & indoor or outdoor electronic applications. The rotary vane compressors are perfect for cooling capacity ranging from 290W to 13150W, with refrigerant R134A & R410A.

  • The R134A air conditioning compressor designs for the outdoor telecom cabinets. Different cooling capacity 300W, 700W, 1184W, 1400W, 2120W, 2945W, 3970W, 5800W to meet different applications.
  • The R410A air conditioner compressor designs for the indoor electronic applications. The largest cooling capacity can reach 13150W.
  • The max condensing temperature of the rotary compressor can reach 81°C, designs for some special applications.
RV air conditioner

Inverter Rotary Compressor for Air Conditioning

The inverter rotary compressor uses an electronically commutated permanent magnet brushless DC motor. The advantages of this approach are small size and variable capacity. We have 12V, 24V, 48V, 72V, 220V, 312V dc inverter compressor for your selection.

  • Brushless dc motor makes the inverter air conditioner compressor higher efficiency and compact size.
  • Different type of inverter ac compressor meets the different applications.
  • Twin-rotor design of dc inverter compressor makes the air conditioning unit low noise and vibration.
  • The efficiency of inverter rotary compressor is much higher than inverter reciprocating compressor.
ECO-friendly R32 refrigerant

R32 Air Conditioning Compressor for HVAC

Regulations have increasingly become stricter from greater consideration for the global environment. Now more than more air conditioner manufacturers use the R32 air conditioning compressor. We also developed the different cooling capacity and different voltages of R32 horizontal rotary compressor for your selection.

  • Low GWP. The GWP of R32 compressor is only 675 compared with R410A rotary compressor of GWP 2088.
  • Horizontal design of the rotary ac compressor meets the horizontal WSHP system.
  • High reliability. The machinery of the hermetic rotary compressor specially designs for R32 refrigerant.
  • The R32 refrigerant compressor is safer compared with R290 compressor.
ECO-friendly R290 propane

R290 Compressor for Dehumidifier

R290 compressor for dehumidifier, small window air conditioner, clothes dryer, and so on. It is hermetic rotary compressor with R290 refrigerant

  • More environmental friendly. It has zero ozone depletion potential ODP and minimal global warming potential GWP.
  • Low charging volume, cost-saving.
  • High efficiency and energy saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to different installation, it has horizontal rotary compressor and vertical rotary compressor. The horizontal rotary compressor is designed for horizontal installation. It has the features of low height and compact size. 

Yes, we have the professional manufacturer of hermetic rotary compressor over twenty years. We have different types of rotary compressors, rotary compressor for air conditioner, rotary compressor for dehumidifier, rotary compressor for WSHP system and rotary compressor for refrigeration. If you need the compressor PDF specification, feel free to contact with us.

No. It can’t. Horizontal rotary compressor is design for horizontal installation. The oil structure design of horizontal compressor is different from the vertical air conditioning compressor. 

As an ac compressor manufacturer, we have different type of ac compressors, rv ac compressor, home ac compressor, split ac compressor, window ac compressor and so on. If you need the ac compressor price, feel free to contact with us.

Yes, we are most influential supplier of rv rooftop ac compressor in China. 220V~240V/50HZ rv rooftop ac compressor, 230V/60HZ rv air conditioner compressor, 115V/60HZ rv ac compressor are all available.

If you are look for the RV rooftop ac compressor replacement, we are your best choice. We have different voltage, different refrigerant, and different cooling capacity RV ac compressor for sale. If you have any problems of the RV air conditioner compressor, feel free to contact with us. If you need the compressor price or replacement cost, also contact with us.

Yes, we have full series of inverter rotary compressor. 220V ac inverter compressor, 12v dc inverter compressor, 24v inverter compressor, 48V inverter rotary compressor.  If you need any pdf specification and wire diagram, feel free to contact with us.

We have horizontal rotary compressor and vertical rotary compressor for window ac. Feel free to contact with us.

Yes, we have the 220V~240V/50HZ twin rotary compressor, dc twin rotary compressor. 

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If you need any air conditioning rotary compressor, feel free to contact with us.

Whatever you are looking for home air conditioner compressor, RV rotary ac compressor, dehumidifier compressor, water source heat pump air conditioning compressor, window air conditioner compressor and so on, you can find the right products here.

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