Small Chiller System With Stainless Steel Coil Tubing

Glen Refrigeration developed a series of Stainless Steel Coil Small Chiller System to satisfy customers’ requirements. This product provides the core cooling system (compressor, condenser, expansion valve, stainless steel coil evaporator). Featuring 12V 24V 48V variable speed small ac compressor QX19-12, QX19-24, QX19-48T & QX325-24, delivering cooling capacity ranging from 100W to 550W.

What is Stainless Steel Coil Small Chiller System?

The Stainless Steel Coil Tubing Small Chiller Unit is a compact cooling system, equipped with mini dc compressor, mini condenser, capillary, and coil evaporator.

The small water chiller is a miniature vapor compression refrigeration system. The mini dc compressor compress the refrigerant to a high-pressure high temperature vapor refrigerant, then it leaves the compressor and enter into the condenser. The vapor refrigerant transfer the heat from tubing to the air by a fan in condenser. It leaves the condenser and enter into the capillary(expansion device). During the process of expansion, the refrigerant changes its state to low-pressure low temperature liquid refrigerant. In the evaporation stage, the cooler refrigerant in the stainless steel coil begins absorbing the heat out of the coil, reducing the temperature in the conditioned space.

12V Small Water Chiller

12V Mini Water Chiller equipped with 12V small dc compressor and stainless steel coil Tubing

24V Small Water Chiller

24V Compact Water Chiller equipped with powerful 24V mini compressor and stainless steel coil tubing

48V Small Water Chiller

48V Micro Water Chiller equipped with 48V miniature compressor and stainless steel coil tubing

Small Chiller System with Stainless Steel Evaporator Coil

Glen Refrigeration offers Small Water Chiller with Stainless Steel Evaporator Coil which were developed to meet customers’ needs, that are compact, reliable, lightweight and efficiency. All of Glen Refrigeration’s mini water chiller were deigned by our team of engineers according to our customers’ applications. These small water chiller provide great reliability with a range of different voltages DC12V, 24V, 48V to suit your needs.

  • Small Water Chiller with stainless steel evaporator coil
  • 12V/24V/48V small compressor to provides adjustable cooling capacity
  • Closed loop refrigerated water chiller provides reliable small cooling solution

Small Water Chiller Module HFS33DC24

The small water chiller module HFS33DC24 is integrated high performance small air conditioner compressor QX325-24, high efficiency micro channel condenser, capillary, filter, and stainless steel coil tubing evaporator.

  • Product: Small Water Chiller Module
  • Model: HFS33DC24
  • Voltage: DC 24V
  • Capacity: 300W~550W
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Size: 275x175x138 mm
  • Weight: 3kgs

Small Water Chiller Module HFS19DC24

With a small footprint and 24V mini air conditioner compressor QX19-12, the mini water chiller HFS19DC24 is ideal for small refrigeration system.

  • Product: Small Water Chiller Module
  • Model: HFS19DC24
  • Voltage: DC 48V
  • Capacity: 130W~400W
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Size: 250x150x170mm
  • Weight: 2.3kgs

Small Water Chiller Module HFS19DC12

Small water chiller module HFS19DC12 is a portable small water cooling system, equipped with 12v smallest cooling compressor and stainless steel coil tubing heat exchanger, delivers better functionality for customers.

  • Product: Small Water Chiller Module
  • Model: HFS19DC12
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Capacity: 130W~400W
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Size: 250x150x170mm
  • Weight: 2.3kgs

Small Water Chiller Module HFS19DC12

Compact Water Chiller HFS19DC48 is a micro refrigeration system and is also a small glycol chiller system, equipped with 48v tiny compressor QX19-48 and stainless steel coil tubing evaporator, that is efficient in functionality.

  • Product: Small Water Chiller Module
  • Model: HFS19DC48
  • Voltage: DC 48V
  • Capacity: 130W (LBP)
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Size: 250x150x170mm
  • Weight: 2.3kgs

Stainless Steel Coil Tubing Evaporator Smallest Cooling System

The Liquid Chiller Module HFS33DC24/HFS19DC24/HFS19DC12/HFS19DC48 are miniature vapor compression miniature refrigeration systems. They are assembled with 12v micro refrigeration compressor or 24V tiny compressor or 48V micro compressor, small condenser, filter dryer, expansion device, stainless steel coil tubing evaporator.

Designed for applications beer chiller system, water cooling, chip cooling, thermoelectric cooling, baby cooling treatment, racing helmet cooling system, indoor vegetable garden system, recirculating chiller for rotary evaporator, the mini water chiller micro cooling system combines excellent cooling performance mini copper ac compressor. This means that the mini water chiller is incredibly energy efficiency.

The Stainless Steel Coil Tubing Small Water Chiller is a kind of water chiller cooling system. In the Stainless steel coil tubing small water chiller, the stainless coil tubing functions as an evaporator. By absorbing the heat out of the coil, the temperature in the conditioned space will reduce.

The small water chiller with stainless coil tubing is a closed loop compact refrigeration system. The stainless coil tubing is a immersed coil heat exchanger, which can be installed into a tank, the cooler refrigerant in the stainless coil tubing begins absorbing the heat from the water or liquid in the tank, reducing the water or liquid temperature.

Mini Air Conditioner Compressor: The mini air conditioner compressor is a variable speed dc compressor, available for different voltages DC12V, DC24V, DC48V. The mini dc compressor is equipped with a drive board.

Condenser: The condenser is optional for fin tube condenser and microchannel condenser.

Expansion device: Capillary is widely used in mini refrigeration system.

Glen Refrigeration mini water chiller with stainless steel coil tubing, designed for customers who need a immersed coil heat exchanger to be installed in a tank.

Except the standard compact refrigeration unit, Glen Refrigeration also offers custom refrigeration system solutions like water tank chiller system, small glycol chiller and beer glycol chiller.

12V/24V/48V Mini Compressor

The 12V/24V/48V mini dc compressor provide small size of the SS coil tube water chiller.

SS Coil Tube Evaporator

Stainless steel coil tube reduces the possibility of leaks because it is resistant to corrosion.

Fin Tube Heat Exchanger

Small size but high efficiency fin tube heat exchanger is specially design for the mini chiller.

Drive Board

Drive board for 12V/24V/48V mini dc compressor, control the compressor ON /OFF and adjust its speed.

Small Cooling System Provider-Glen Refrigeration

Glen Refrigeration leads the way of different kinds of condensing unit, refrigeration unit, mini cooling systems in China, including refrigerator compressor condensing unit, horizontal condensing unit, air cooled condenser unit, water cooled condensing unit, indoor condensing unit, outdoor condensing unit, inverter condensing unit, monoblock refrigeration unit, mini water chiller, mini liquid chiller and so on.

Our extensive expertise and design capabilities allow us to develop solutions for each of our customers specific requirements.

Apart from the standard products including Micro DC aircon, Mini water chiller, Mini liquid chiller module, DC condensing units, Glen Refrigeration also offers customized design or modified refrigeration system for most customers’ specific applications.

Let’s discuss how Glen Refrigeration can help you with Small Water Chiller System Best Cooling Systems!

Coaxial Type Liquid Chiller Module
Coaxial Type Liquid Chiller Module
Copper Coil Tube Liquid Chiller Module
Smallest Liquid Chiller Module

Small Water Chiller Applications

The Small Water Chiller module with stainless steel coil tubing is a micro refrigeration system. They are compact with small footprint but high performance in design. With variable speed small air conditioner compressor(12V/24V/48V), mini water chiller offers great reliability with up to 550W cooling capacity. The compact and small size of miniature cooling systems allows customers to integrated or assemble with their machine or equipment for flexible use. mini cooling system especially applies to mini glycol chiller, beer cooling system, medical equipment cooling, rc car water cooling system, indoor smart garden system, cooling apparatus in the laboratory, ev battery cooling, scalp cooling treatment and so on.

  • Product: Small Water Chiller
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Power Supply: DC12V/24V/48V
  • Capacity: 100W~550W
  • Size: 250x150x170mm
Scalp Cooling System
Medical Equipment Cooling
Body cooling system
Battery Cooling
Chip Cooling System
Driver Cooling System
Indoor Garden Cooling
Laser Cooling System

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