Commercial refrigeration units

Commercial Refrigeration Unit

Commercial refrigeration unit is including the air cooled condensing unit, water-cooled condensing unit, indoor condensing unit, outdoor condensing unit, monoblock refrigeration unit and so on. The condensing units and refrigeration units are widely used in kitchen freezer, worktop freezer, meat display cabinet, refrigerated display cabinet, milk cooling tank, ice make machine, walk in cooler, cold room and so on.

Main Application:

Kitchen Freezer

Upright Chiller

Worktop refrigerator

Meat Display Cabinet

Refrigeration condensing unit for upright freezer

Upright Freezer

Display fridge counter

Open Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Self-Contained Display Cabinet

Ice Cream Display Cabinet

Condensing unit for cake display cabinet

Cake Display Cabinet

Commercial Refrigeration Unit Manufacturer

Glen Refrigeration

Glen refrigeration is a leading manufacturer of indoor condensing unit, outdoor condensing unit, monoblock refrigeration unit, water-cooled condensing unit, inverter condensing unit, R290 condensing unit and other commercial refrigeration units in China. From single door chiller/freezer to commercial display cabinet/freezer to large cold storage room/freezer room, we all have the right commercial refrigeration solutions for you.

Monoblock commercial refrigeration unit is a plug-in refrigeration cooling system for refrigerated chiller or freezer. According to different installation, it has top-mounted monoblock refrigeration unit, side-mounted refrigeration unit, and bottom-mounted refrigeration unit. They adopt famous brand SCOPE compressor or CUBIGEL compressor and EBM motor.


  • High efficiency reciprocating compressor (Energy saving up to 10%)
  • Famous brand compressor and EBM electric fan motor save more energy and ensures good quality; reduced the after-sales costs.
  • Air, electric or hot gas defrosts.
  • Easy and fast to install thanks to standard sized base and holes
  • Standard connector and customized optional wiring kit
  • The integrated evaporator allows more available space in the cabinet
  • Automatic evaporation of condensing water and anti-corrosion treated coil

The indoor condensing unit is a plug-in condensing unit for bottom-mounted on commercial display chiller, cabinet, freezer and so on. It adopts famous brand and good quality Sanyo rotary refrigeration compressor, EBM motor. It consists of refrigeration compressor, EBM motor, high efficiency condenser, accumulator, receiver, high & low pressure controller, electric box and so on.


  • High reliability and high efficiency compressor. Sanyo is the earliest manufacturer of horizontal rotary refrigeration compressor. It has more than 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing the horizontal refrigeration compressor.
  • Wide evaporating temperature. The horizontal condensing unit can use in both medium temperature refrigeration equipment and low temperature refrigeration equipment. The evaporating temperature is from -5°C to -40°C.
  • Low height and compact size. The refrigeration compressor with low height ensures the compact size of the condensing unit. The compact condensing unit ensures the largest volume of the cabinet.
  • Liquid injection technology. The liquid injection tube of the refrigeration compressor can reduce the compressor motor when it is running; it ensures the high reliability.

As professional manufacturer of outdoor condensing unit, we have Copeland scroll compressor outdoor condensing unit, Danfoss scroll compressor outdoor condensing unit, Panasonic scroll compressor condensing unit. Except the 380V outdoor condensing unit, we also have the 220V outdoor condensing unit with cooling capacity 1.5HP to 3HP. So the cooling capacity of our outdoor condensing unit is ranging from 1.5HP to 15HP.


  • 220V~240V/50HZ, 380V/50HZ outdoor condensing units with low temperature Copeland scroll compressors and medium temperature Copeland scroll compressors are widely used in cold storage room, freezer room, supermarket commercial refrigeration.
  • Emerson Copeland ZB series scroll compressor for medium high temperature; ZFKQ series scroll compressor for low temperature.
  • Panasonic is also a professional manufacturer of scroll compressor. It also has the medium high temperature scroll compressor and low temperature scroll compressor for different outdoor condensing unit application. The advantages of low noise and high cost performance become increasingly popular.
  • 380V/50HZ Danfoss scroll compressors are also widely used in low temperature outdoor condensing unit and medium temperature outdoor condensing unit. Danfoss MLZ sries scroll compressor evaporating temperature is from -25°C to 10°C. Danfoss LLZ series scroll compressor evaporating temperature is from -40°C to -10°C.

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