Mini Water Chiller Manufacturers

Glen Refrigeration developed a standard mini water chiller module to satisfy the growing market of medical equipment cooling,EV battery cooling, body cooling system, and so on. It would integrated into customer’s chiller or to use directly. Glen refrigeration offers three different types: micro water chiller with plate heat exchanger; compact water chiller with coaxial heat exchanger; small water chiller with cope coil or stainless coil heat exchanger.

  • Compact size and light weight to integrated into customer’s chiller easily.
  • Mini water chiller system provides core cooling according to different evaporating temperature
  • Design & customize the small cooling systems according to customer’s special requirements.

Mini Water Chiller Types

Mini Water Chiller with Plate Heat Exchanger
Mini Water Chiller with Coaxial Heat Exchanger
Mini Water Chiller with SS Coil Tube
Mini Water Chiller with Copper Coil Tube

Features and benifits

Mini DC Inverter Compressor

The miniature water chiller adopts the mini dc inverter compressor, the cooling capacity is variable.

Professional Manufacturer

Professional manufacturer of mini dc compressor makes the small water chiller more reliable.

Three Different Types

The mini liquid chiller has three types of different evaporator, meeting different customer’s need.

Compact Size and Light Weight

The compact size and light weight of the mini water chiller makes customer to save more space.

Supply Customization

Rich experience of design and production of cooling system from small to big, customization is available.

Quick Delivery

Sample order and small order are acceptable and quick delivery is assured.

Mini Water Chiller Types

Mini Liquid Chiller with Plate Heat Exchanger

Mini liquid chiller with Plate heat exchanger is an assembly of mini dc compressor and drive, condenser, fan motor, filter dryer, plate evaporator. All of these parts are well assembled in one small water cooling system unit.

Features :

  • The mini liquid chiller is widely used in laser cooling, medical cooling, skin cooling device, rc car water cooling system and other small cooling systems.
  • It adopts the mini rotary dc inverter compressor, makes it the smallest cooling system.
  • The plate heat exchanger is used as an evaporator in the mini liquid chiller refrigeration system, which is different from the shell and tube evaporator.
  • A plate heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger, using metal plates to transfer the heat between two circuits of fluids, without the fluids mixing together.
  • The plate heat exchanger is one of the most efficient ways to transfer the heat. It has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency and compact size. So it ensures the excellent cooling performance and compact size of the micro water chiller.

Micro Liquid Chiller with Coaxial Heat Exchanger

Micro liquid chiller with coaxial heat exchanger is an assembly of mini compressor and drive, condenser, fan motor, filter, coaxial heat exchanger.

Features :

  • The micro liquid chiller is suitable for medical cooling, beauty equipment cooling, and other vapour cooling system.
  • It adopts the micro dc inverter compressor, which has variable cooling capacity on different speed.
  • The micro refrigeration system uses a coaxial heat exchanger as an evaporator. The coaxial heat exchanger is a kind of tube heat exchangers. It is designed as a “tube in tube” structure. Mostly water flows in the inner tube and refrigerant flows between the outer &inner tube (refrigeration loop).
  • The coaxial heat exchanger has the features of environmental friendly and extraordinary cooling performance. It ensures Greehvacr micro liquid chiller high cooling performance.
  • Moreover, the micro liquid chiller works very quite because of using coaxial heat exchanger.

Small Liquid Chiller with Coil Tube Heat Exchanger

Small liquid chiller with coil tube heat exchanger, which the coil tube is an evaporator. It has two kinds, stainless coil and copper coil.

Features :

  • The small liquid chiller applies for laser cooling, medical cooling, skin cooling device, drinking water, beverage and many other small cooling applications.
  • The small water chiller unit adopts the small dc compressor, which is mini size and light weight.
  • The tube type small liquid chiller is using stainless coil or copper coil as evaporator. The coil tube heat exchanger has the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility, compact and lightweight, and they are easy and inexpensive to install.
  • The small liquid chiller with coil tube heat exchanger is a compact liquid chiller module. So it can meet customer’s special requirements of weight and space.

Mini Water Chiller Models

Plate Type
HFP19DC12 (DC12V)
HFP19DC24 (DC24V)
HFP19DC48 (DC48V)
HFP33DC24 (DC24V)
Coaxial Type
HFC19DC12 (DC12V)
HFC19DC24 (DC24V)
HFC19DC48 (DC48V)
HFC33DC24 (DC24V)
Stainless Coil type
HFS19DC12 (DC12V)
HFS19DC24 (DC24V)
HFS19DC48 (DC48V)
HFS33DC24 (DC24V)
Copper Coil Type
HFE19DC12 (DC12V)
HFE19DC24 (DC24V)
HFE19DC48 (DC48V)
HFE33DC24 (DC24V)

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