R290 Propane Inverter Compressor

R290 is an efficient refrigerant that has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) and zero ODP. Glen Refrigerant offers Sanyo Brand R290 propane inverter compressor, a large and reliable air conditioning compressor manufacturer. It is a R290 propane variable speed compressor and horizontal air conditioner compressor, well-suited for air conditioning, heat pump, commercial dehumidifier and so on. The horizontal structure design have been combined with twin rotary technology, makes the R290 inverter compressor with compact size and lower noise.

Features of R290 Inverter AC Compressor

R290 Refrigerant

Eco-friendly, ultra-low GWP, Zero ODP. More and more customers are beginning to request or demand R290 propane refrigerant compressor.

Horizontal Installation

The horizontal structure has been combined to reduce the height of rotary compressor and makes the air conditioning system more compact.

Sanyo Brand

Sanyo, a leading and reliable home air conditioner compressor and commercial refrigeration compressor manufacturer in China.

Inverter Technology

The smart inverter compressor not only helps our customers to saves more energy bills, but also brings a more comfortable experience to them.

Twin Rotary Technology

Twin rotary technology is used to reduce the vibration resulting in low noise level and quieter operation of R290 propane inverter ac compressor.

Smart Control

The mature controller technology is essential for variable speed compressor providing high efficiency and stable operation.

Inverter Technology

Inverter ac compressor
  • Glen Refrigeration supplies R290 variable speed inverter compressor, is a breakthrough in twin rotary inverter technology, featuring ECO-friendly, high efficiency, low vibration and low noise. Its horizontal structure well-suited for roof hvac unit .
  •  R290 propane digital inverter compressor can be utilized in many air conditioning applications, from roof mounted air conditioner, caravan air conditioner, commercial rooftop dehumidifier to water source heat pump.
  • Sanyo horizontal rotary compressor-Enabling the development of low height, compact air conditioning system. Designed to optimized height and space, R290 inverter air conditioner compressor are perfect for roof top HVAC units. The low height of R290 propane gas compressor makes them perfect for RV air conditioner, package air conditioning units, water source heat pump where height are important.
  • For reliable control and stable operation, Glen Refrigeration offers Sanyo variable speed ac compressor with mature controller technology. The drive board can be contentiously controlled by 0~10V voltage signal or RS485 signal.  
  • For over decades, Sanyo R290 dual inverter compressor have been an industry leader in dc inverter air conditioner and RV air conditioner. Within the most advanced technologies and high -quality standards, Glen Refrigeration & Sanyo company continues to exceed customer’s expectations.

Glen Refrigeration offers Sanyo horizontal air conditioning rotary compressor, combined R290 propane refrigerant and dc inverter technology, perfectly suits for rv rooftop ac unit, water source heat pump and horizontal dehumidifier and so on. It has features and advantages below:

  • R290 propane gas, environment-friendly
  • Twin rotary technology, low vibration and low noise
  • DC inverter technology, high efficiency and energy saving
  • Horizontal structure, low height and compact size
  • Smart control, mature and stable speed control

R290 Inverter AC Compressor C-6RHZ125H9

Compressor C-6RHZ125H9 is an R290 dc inverter ac compressor. A wide range of speed 900 RPM to 5400 RPM provides flexibility suitable for a variety of applications. The horizontal structure and low height design meets the application of roof mounted air conditioner, package air conditioning units, inverter heat pump air conditioning and so on.

  • Model: C-6RHZ125H9
  • Refrigeration: R290
  • Power supply: 220V inverter
  • Cooling capacity: 2290W (7813Btu/h)
  • Speed range: 900~5400 RPM
  • Drive (or controller): Yes


  • The R290 variable speed refrigerant compressor C-6RHZ125H9 has cooling capacity 7800BTU at speed 3600 rpm. The cooling capacity can be adjusted by different speed according to different requirements.
  • R290 propane is a environment-friendly refrigerant. It has low GWP and Zero ODP, considered to be a good option to replace R410A.
  • The dc inverter rotary compressor C-6RHZ125H9 combined twin rotary technology to reduce vibration and noise, is a twin rotary inverter compressor.
  • The horizontal installation of R290 compressor well-suited for rv rooftop ac unit for low height space.
  • The smart and stable controller technology enable our customers to match the inverter compressor and air conditioning system more smoothly.

R290 Inverter AC Compressor C-6RHZ146H9

Inverter Compressor C-6RHZ146H9 is an R290 variable frequency compressor. A wide range of frequency from 15HZ to 80HZ provides flexibility suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Model: C-6RHZ146H9
  • Refrigeration: R290
  • Power supply: 220V inverter
  • Cooling capacity: 2650W (9041Btu/h)
  • Speed range: 900~5400 RPM
  • Drive (or controller): Yes


  • The variable frequency drive compressor C-6RHZ146H9 has cooling capacity 9041BTU at frequency 60hz. The cooling capacity can be varied by adjusting the frequency according to different applications.
  • Because of low GWP and zero ODP, more and more customers choose R290 as a replacement of R410A and R407C.
  • R290 twin rotary compressor C-6RHZ146H9 with DC inverter technology not only help customers to save energy bills, but also improve the comfort.
  • Its low height design and easy installation make the horizontal rotary compressor highly desirable in roof mounted air conditioning system.

Drive for R290 Inverter Air Conditioning Compressor

Glen Refrigeration offers complete R290 compressor system solution with a drive board for air conditioning applications. Glen Refrigeration committed to pro-actively support and guide the customers to go through the F-Gas transition phase.


  • The drive adopts the position-sensorless control, which can test the position of the rotor precisely.
  • The technology of field-oriented control (FOC) improves the precision of control.
  • It is sine wave 180°C drive, which makes the change of the inverter rotary compressor speed stable.
  • The technology of PFC makes the DC voltage adjusted automatically.
  • Different speed control modes are available, for example, PWM, 0~10V signal, potentiometer, RS485 TTL and so on.

R32 and R410A Inverter AC Compressor

For Air Conditioning

Glen Refrigeration offers R32 variable speed ac compressor, a horizontal rotary compressor with inverter technology and twin rotary technology. It widely used in RV air conditioner, rooftop dehumidifier, water source heat pump and so on.

  • R32 refrigerant eco friendly
  • Power supply 220V~240V/50HZ
  • High reliability and high efficiency
  • Low height and compact size
  • Cooling capacity 7199 Btu/h and 8700 Btu/h

for Air Conditioner

Glen Refrigeration offers R410A inverter air conditioning compressor, features high efficiency, low height, compact size, low vibration and low noise, high reliability. It has three models with different cooling capacity 1HP, 1.5HP and 2HP. The cooling capacity can be varied through different speed or different frequency.

  • R410A refrigerant
  • Different voltages
  • Low height
  • Compact size
  • High reliability
  • Cooling capacity 5134 Btu/h to 13477Btu/h

Applications of Inverter AC Compressor

RV Air Conditioner

Why more and more people like inverter RV air conditioner? Environment-friendly, comfortable experience, high efficiency, energy saving, low vibration & noise, powerful cooling capacity......

Commercial Dehumidifier

R290 refrigerant, inverter & twin rotary technology, horizontal structure, smart control, combined together to create a high efficiency, low noise, compact size inverter compressor for HVAC.

Horizontal air condition compressor for water source heat pump

Water Source Heat Pump

The horizontal installation makes the packaged air conditioning unit more compact, perfectly suit for water source heat pump with ECO-friendly, high efficiency and low vibration & noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

The R290 inverter compressor is of Sanyo Brand. Sanyo, is a leading manufacturer of rotary vane compressors for air conditioning, dehumidifier and commercial refrigeration in China. They mainly focus on R&D, manufacturing of home air conditioner compressor, window air conditioner compressor, rv air conditioner compressor, commercial refrigeration compressor, R22 compressor, R407C compressor, R410A compressor, R32 compressor, R290 compressor, R404A compressor and so on.

The variable speed compressor is also called inverter compressor or variable frequency compressor.

The inverter ac compressor needs a drive to work. The drive is also known as inverter or controller. It accept the signal from the inverter air conditioner main panel, then slow down or speed up the compressor speed by changing the compressor frequency.

The fixed speed compressor means the compressor speed is constant; while the variable speed compressor means the compressor speed can be varied according to different requirements of cooling load.

The R290 inverter ac compressor voltage is 220V.

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R32 variable speed compressor HVAC

R410A variable speed compressor HVAC

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