Small Rotary Compressor for Dehumidifier

The small rotary compressors are widely used in small dehumidifier, small air conditioners, clothes dryer, machine cooling system, and small wine cellar cooling system, small chiller box and so on. We have professional manufacturer which engaged in researching, producing of small rotary compressors. We have industry’s advanced compressor automatic assembly line and the coating line; the annual production capacity can reach 2.6 million pcs. We have R134A, R410A, R290 small rotary compressor ranging from 938Btu to 5288 btu with different voltages.

small rotary compressor
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More information of the small compressor

  • The small rotary compressor is a rotary vane compressor with small size and low height. It is a hermetic rotary ac compressor.
  • It is also a HBP compressor, which the evaporating temperature is -10°C to 15°C.
  • According to different refrigerant, we have the R134A small air conditioning compressor, R410A small air conditioning compressor, R290 propane compressor and so on.
  • Except the 220V~240V/50HZ, 208V~230V/60HZ, 115V/60HZ power supply, we also have the special power supply 100V/50HZ/60HZ, 200V/50HZ/60HZ, 220V/50HZ/60HZ, 115V/50HZ/60HZ small ac compressors.
  • The smallest cooling capacity of compressor is 275W (938Btu), the cooling capacity range is from 938Btu to 5288Btu.
  • Except the ac power compressor, we also have the 12V/24V/48V mini dc compressor for your selection.

QX series small rotary compressor-R134A

R290 small rotary compressor

What is a R134A small rotary compressor?

QX series R134A small rotary compressor is a kind of high-efficiency, air conditioner rotary compressor. The smallest displacement is 2.8cc, the lowest height is only 151mm. They are special designed for small room dehumidifier, small wine cellar cooling system, small air conditioner and so on.


  • Compact structure. The small size, small volume and light weight of the compressor make customer’s dehumidifier or air conditioning system more compact.
  • High efficiency. The COP of small ac compressor ranges from 2.2 to 2.96, which ensures customer’s system high efficiency.
  • Low noise & vibration. The vibration was greatly reduced by improving the inner structure of the small air conditioning compressor.
  • High reliability. Professional manufacturing of the small rotary compressors ensures the high reliability of the compressor.


220V~240V/50HZ small ac compressor
115V/60HZ small ac compressor
200V/50HZ/60HZ small ac compressor
208V~230V/60HZ small ac compressor
100V/50HZ/60HZ small ac compressor
220V/50HZ/60HZ small ac compressor

QXA series small rotary compressor-R410A

R290 small rotary compressor

What is a R410A small rotary compressor?

QXA series R410A small rotary compressor is a small air conditioner compressor using R410A refrigerant. The smallest cooling capacity is 365W (1245Btu), the lowest height is 151mm. It is suitable for small space dehumidifier, mini air conditioning, clothes dryer, small wine chiller, small water cooling system and so on.


  • High efficiency. The COP of the normal R410A small ac compressor is from 2 to 2.75. We also developed the highest efficiency small rotary compressor, which the COP can reach 4.05.
  • Small size. The height of the small air conditioner compressor is from 151mm to 205mm. The lowest height is only 151mm.
  • Low noise & Vibration. The improvement of the small rotary structure inner design greatly reduced the vibration and noise.
  • High reliability. The reliability is greatly ensured by the rich experience of manufacturing rotary compressors and strict quality inspection.


220V~240V/50HZ series
115V/60HZ series
208V~230V/60HZ series

QXR series small rotary compressor-R290

R290 small rotary compressor

What is a R290 small rotary compressor?

QXR series R290 compressor is a small ac compressor special design for R290 refrigerant. R-290 is new alternative refrigerant with lower ODP and GWP than other refrigerants. The R290 small ac compressors are widely used in small room dehumidifier, clothes drier, small window air conditioner, and small air cooling system and so on. The cooling capacity is ranging from 1500 Btu/h to 3205 Btu/h.


  • R290 Refrigerant. The small rotary compressor use R290 eco-friendly refrigerant. It is Compliant with EU F-Gas Regulation.
  • Small size. The design of the small ac compressor makes customer’s air conditioning system or dehumidifier system more compact.
  • Low noise & vibration. Professional design of small air conditioner compressor largely reduces the vibration and noise.
  • High reliability. The professional R&D design and strict quality control ensures the high reliability of small ac compressor. 


R290 220V~240V/50HZ small ac compressor
R290 compressor test equipment

Small Rotary Compressor Manufacturer

As professional manufacturer of rotary vane compressors, we have the rv air conditioner compressor, window air conditioner compressor, home air conditioner compressor, dehumidifier compressor, commercial refrigeration compressor and so on.

Except these large cooling capacity rotary compressors, we also have the small rotary compressor with the cooling capacity from 275W to 1550W. At same time, our R&D department has successfully developed the R290 small rotary compressor. The high reliable and high-efficient R290 small rotary compressor meets US and European markets.

Except the fixed speed compressors, we also have the high efficiency variable speed compressor for heating and cooling systems. The 12V/24V mini dc compressors are widely used in mini portable air conditioner, small water cooling system, personal cooling system, miniature cooling unit, medical cooling devices, small wine cellar cooling system, skin cooling device, small water chiller, laser cooling applications, RC car water cooling system, mini beer wending machine and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, we have. Except the R134A small ac compressor, we also have the R410A small air conditioner compressor, R290 propane compressor.

Yes. We have. We have the ac mini rotary compressor and DC mini rotary compressor.

The AC mini rotary compressors have the different power supply below:

  • 220V~240V/50HZ power supply
  • 208V~230V/60HZ power supply
  • 115V/60HZ power supply
  • 100V/50HZ/60HZ power supply
  • 200V/50HZ/60HZ power supply
  • 220V/50HZ/60HZ power supply
  • 115V/50HZ/60HZ power supply


The DC mini rotary compressors are below:

  • 12V mini rotary compressor
  • 24V mini rotary compressor
  • 48V mini rotary compressor

The oil of R410A small air conditioning compressor is RB68EP.

If you want the compressor specifications, please don’t hesitate to contact with us by email or leave us your contact information. We will contact with you within 8 hours.

Yes, we have 12V mini dc compressor, 24V mini dc compressor and 48V mini dc compressor. The cooling capacity is from 130W~500W. The displacement is 1.9cc and 3.25cc.

Yes, we have. We have large cooling capacity R407C rotary compressor; R410A rotary compressor; R32 rotary compressor; R290 rotary compressor; inverter rotary compressor, rotary compressor for air conditioner, rotary compressor for refrigeration, rv air conditioner compressor and so on.

The price is different per model. Please don’t hesitate to contact with us for the price quotation.

Yes, we have the R290 propane compressors; the cooling capacity is ranging from 1500Btu/h to 3205Btu/h. They are all available in mass production.

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