Walk in freezer compressor 2HP QXD-30K

The walk in freezer compressor QXD-30K is rotary type compressor. It is 220V~240V/50HZ MBP LBP refrigeration compressor. It is suitable for R404A, R455A, R448A, R449A, R452A.


Additional information




R404A, R448A, R449A, R452A, R455A

Power supply




Evaporating Temp.


Cooling capacity

2100W (7165Btu)

Input power






Product details:

The walk in freezer compressor 2hp refrigeration compressor QXD-30K is R404A, power supply 220V~240V/50HZ.


Features :

  • The walk in freezer compressor QXD-30K is 220V~240V/50HZ compressor. The cooling capacity is 2100W at evaporating temperature -23.3°C。
  • The evaporating temperature of walk in freezer compressor QXD-30K is ranging from 0°C to -40°C. It can use in low temp refrigeration equipment and medium temperature refrigeration equipment.
  • The walk in cooler compressor QXD-30K adopts high efficiency motor; the efficiency is 20% higher than reciprocating compressor.
  • The walk in freezer compressor QXD-30K is with liquid cooling injection which can reduce the temperature of compressor motor. The compressor can work continuously under high ambient temperature condition.


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Questions and answers:

1. Do you have the 1 hp compressor refrigeration?

Yes, we have. We have 0.75 horsepower refrigeration compressor, 1 horsepower refrigeration compressor, 1.5 horsepower refrigeration compressors, 2 horsepower refrigeration compressor, 2.5 hp refrigeration compressors and 3 hp refrigeration compressors.


2. Is it a rotary vane compressor?

Yes, it is a rotary vane refrigeration compressor with liquid cooling injection device, which can cool the compressor motor, so it can work under high ambient temperature condition.


3. How can we get the refrigeration compressor diagram?

If you need the refrigeration compressor specification, diagram, please contact with us.

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