12V air conditioner compressor JFSB116Z12

JFSB116Z12 is a 12V air conditioner compressor, refrigerant R134A, cooling capacity 1800W(6141Btu). It widely used in RV air conditioner, truck cabin air conditioner, heavy duty equipments air conditioner, boat air conditioner and so on.

Additional information





Power supply




Evaporating Temp.


Cooling capacity

1800W (6141Btu)

Speed range

1800~4000 rpm

Product details:

The dc air conditioner compressor is a dc compressor used in air conditioning system. It is also called dc inverter compressor, which powered by DC battery through a controller (also called drive).


12V air conditioner compressor

  • Model: JFSB116Z12
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Power supply: DC 12V
  • Displacement: 11.6cc
  • Capacity: 1800W(at highest speed 4000RPM)
  • Input power: 685W (at highest speed 4000RPM)
  • Current: 57A (at highest speed 4000RPM)
  • Speed range: 900~4000RPM
  • Evaporating temperature: -15°C ~15°C
  • Ambient temperature: -5°C~43°C
  • Condensing temperature: 45°C~65°C
  • Diver: Yes



  • The 12v dc air conditioner compressor JFSB116Z12 has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving.
  • The 12v dc air conditioner compressor JFSB116Z12 has the features of horizontal design; it can make the air conditioning unit more compact.
  • JFSB116Z12 is a dc rotary compressor, which has the advantages of high reliability compared with piston dc compressor.
  • The spring and rubber mounting accessories of variable speed compressor make customer’s air conditioner low noise and vibration.
  • The variable speed compressor uses a dc compressor motor, which has the advantage of variable capacity.
  • The twin-rotor design of the dc compressor makes customer’s air conditioning system lower vibration.
  • The cooling capacity of dc rotary compressor JFSB116Z12 is 2100W (6141Btu), if you’re looking for a largerr cooling capacity, the model JFSB150Z12 is suitable.



  • RV air conditioner
  • Truck cabin air conditioner
  • Heavy duty equipments air conditioner
  • Boat air conditioner
  • Mobile refrigeration
  • ……


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